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10 Things I Dislike about Arabs [Recommended]

So as an “Arab” that lives in the middle east, and met other Arabs from different countries, I pretty much know their mentality, society, lifestyle and traditions. What I am going to criticize in the next few lines have nothing to do with religion at all. This is directed to the Arab society in […]

Get Rid of Bad Habits

– Identify the bad habit

– Identify the last few instances in the recent past (one instance will do also)

– Analyse the event from the start to last (from the moment you first thought to the moment you were fully satisfied)

– List the physical, emotional and/or any logical pleasures

– Read or listen to experts on the habit

– Re-evaluate why the habit is bad

– Internalize the reasoning and experience to the self and watch as you get the power to be able to choose rather then be a slave.

The VIPs Khan Won’t Talk About

I guess our nation has a very short memory.

Lone Pakistani Liberal

Frankly, I was thrilled with the recent incident where VIP politicians were booted off a PIA flight for causing a needless delay. But there’s another VIP culture we rarely like to talk about, because it’s far too dangerous and politically complicated to do so.

Democracy is a system cherished by people-pleasers, and despised by forces that can’t acquire votes. It is in their interest to sow among the public, the seeds of mistrust towards the democratic politicians; not that the politicians usually make that task difficult! Attacking a politician wins you easy approval.

They say top Pakistani politicians are “above the law”; unimpeachable and incapable of being punished for crimes that others readily get fined and jailed for. It’s true to a large extent, although…

– Yousuf Raza Gillani did spend about 6 years in jail
– and Zardari spent 8
– before his wife was assassinated running a political campaign of her own (her…

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