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Education. Indoctrination. Whats the Difference?

Right Wing Child Indoctrination a video by Harmful Opinions has in my opinion a lot of appeal to emotions then arguments, like kids being used for an ad being cringe is emotional and not an argument. However I will make a few major points on it as below.

Taxation is theft. It seems the idea that when government takes money from its citizens is in a different category then a thief or mafia, however the deontological point of why these two are separated is something that I have not been able to find. I do find utilitarian arguments for it which seems to be sufficient for those who have no problem with paying their taxes.

First of all kids of today are much more critical of their parents then of previous generation especially with the internet that allows kids to view all kinds of stuff like cartoons and online games.

Placing books in schools is only indoctrination if they are only being taught just the Tuttle Twins and nothing else, hwich is not happeneing. What is happening is that the author is giving his books to be next to all the other books that kids are learning.

Teaching kids about libertarian values some of which are

  • Non initiation of force
  • freedom of association
  • freedom of speech
  • property rights

At the end of the video Harmful Opinions says something that I believe may have been going too far, parents are hoping that their kids would not be presented the counter view point.

At the end I’d like to say that Harmful Opinions made a few mistakes one of which is he called libertarian a right wing which I will let slide since many libertarians are also conservstive. the other mistake is that the main issue should have been around raising kids that are exposed to ideas as well as critical thinking being taught.




Bernie Sanders a War Mongering Monster

Bernie has a bad track record for an anti-war claim.

National Defense Issues

  • National Defense Authorisation Act – 2016 Nay; 2014 Yea; 2013 Nay; 2012 Nay; 2010-2011 Yea; 2008 Yea; 2003 Nay; 2002 Yea; 1997 Nay & Nay; 1995 Nay
  • Department of Defense Appropriations Act – 2016 Did Not Vote; 2009-2010 Yea; 2007 Yea; 2006 (this is a Special Case); 2005 Yea and Yea; 2003 Yea; 2000 Nay; 1999 Nay & Nay; 1998 Nay


  • Voted against deploying troops (H Res 247)
  • Voted to fund the troops in Bosnia (HR 2606)
  • Voted again to not deploy troops in Bosnia (HR 2770)
  • Voted for Bosnia Troop Extension (H Amdt. 204)
  • Voted for Bosnia Troop Termination (H Amdt. 203)
  • Voted Against US Troop Removal from Bosnia and Herzegovina (H Con Res 227)
  • Voted for Kosovo Resolution (H Con Res 21)
  • Voted for Kosovo Peacekeeping (H Con Res 42)
  • Voted Against Troop Withdrawal from the Balkans (H Con Res 82)


  • Voted for Iraqi Liberation (HR 4655)
  • Voted Against Iraq War (H J Res 114)
  • Voted for Iraq Reconstruction Resolution (H Res 198)
  • Voted Against Iraq War Anniversary (H Res 557)

Bernie also voted for Iran and Libya sanctions (HR 1954).

This record is of a person who is Machiavellian, scream loud against the war but continue to fund the army after you voted against the war. Bernie Sanders has mastered the art of voting Yes and No for the same cause.

Loose Network of Extremists [Obiter Dictum – 1]

After reading the interview of FBI Counterterrorism Analyst I was perplexed as to why the Main Stream Media [or Lame Street Media as Styxhexenhammer666 calls it] are concentrating on the Saudis. The fact of the matter is that all the Gulf States are guilty in fanning the flames of terrorism by either employing them, funding them through charity [which I have stopped giving as I have a fear that a number of them are just GoFundMyJihad outlet].

Khobar Towers

… an investigation as heavily compartmentalized as Khobar. Case information was highly restricted, with as few as 20 people initially allowed access. Because the FBI agents on-scene were not allowed to conduct any unilateral interviews or investigations on Saudi soil, [redacted]

The investigation was

  • compartmentalized
  • highly restricted
  • unilateral interviews not allowed

This all points to the investigation was being conducted with bad ground rules.

Khalid Shaikh Muhammad

[redacted] stated that in 1996 KSM was in Doha, Qatar. He had been there since at least 1993, working for the Ministry of Water and Electricity. After the U.S. indicted KSM for his involvement in the Manila Air case, the FBI sent a rendition team to the Gulf. Part of the team advanced to Doha, Qatar in preparation for his capture. The remainder of the team waited in [redacted] with a plane, ready to travel to Qatar and pick up KSM and his captors. After several days the Qatari government informed the U.S . that KSM had been under surveillance and had somehow escaped.

[Redacted] did  not know exactly who funded KSM’s travel while he was working for the Qatar Ministry of Water and Electricity. He speculated that Qatar’s Ministry for Religious Endowment paid KSM to travel around and distribute c.ash to organizations and Islamic charities. [Redacted] did not feel that UBL was the likely source of KSM’s travel monies.

KSM was

  • living in Doha, Qatar from 93-96
  • working for the Ministry of Water and Electricity
  • indicted for Manila Air case
  • under surveillance by the Qatari government and somehow escaped
  • speculated to have been funded by the Qatar’s Ministry for Religious Endowment


[Redacted] did not believe that Bojinka was an Al Qaeda plot. Wali Khan was linked to UBL (they had fought together in Afghanistan), but had never sworn bayat because Khan wanted to remain independent. Khan and KSM were part of a loose network of extremists  who had trained in Al Qaeda camps but were not Al Qaeda operatives. As for Khalifa, there was no evidence he funded or knew of the plot, despite his close association with Wali Khan. Ramzi Yousef was brought in by Wali Khan, and had no prior affiliation with Khalifa or UBL.

…  operatives had little funding because Wali Khan only got bailed out of prison

Many Islamic terrorists are linked to each other but they all have a certain amount of differences amongst each other. Not every one trained in Al Qaeda is an Al Qaeda operative however I would like to add that they share almost 100% of the Militant Islamic Ideology. KSM was a loose extremists who was part of a broader loose extremists, just like the San Barnadino shooters, Rizwan Farook the dickhead and his dumb whore wife Tashfeen Malik. Ramzi Yousef was already an extremists before he was introduced to UBL by Wali Khan. Wali Khan was bailed out of prison which telling of how good the state-run judiciary and police is.


There is more in the report such as the Shia-Sunni conflict was hinted at along with the strange Shia extremists working with Sunni extremists that now hate each other. But at the end the main lesson for me was how ineffective the state run system of security is every where. Besides the Gulf States also fund terrorism through their religious charities.

Better Then My Fears

Social Justice Warriors have consistently been using the same tactic of starting from instilling fear in the people who listen to them. Once a certain amount of fear has been instilled they follow it with a false dichotomy, you are either for our proposal that will solve the problem or else you are against us and hence you are no worse than those who commit the crime.

Another tactic is to reject all the opposing view points as false no matter how much evidence they might have.

The demonizing of the opponents while being emotionally charged is the resulting technique of the SJWs.

Another thing that the SJWs do is the reading of the opponents mind, although its never explicit, it’s always implicit and couched in a multi-layered sugar-coating.

Cherry-picking data is the best the SJW has to offer to the opponents.

In conclusion I’d like to say that the SJW in short is

  • Denial of Facts
  • Confirmation Bias
  • Conspiracy Thinking
  • Cognitive Dissonance
  • Pattern Recognition (where there is non)


Welcome Back Fascism

US election result

Democrat results so far

  1. Hillary Clinton – 1712
  2. Bernie Sanders – 1011

Republican results so far

  1. Donal Trump – 736
  2. Ted Cruz – 463
  3. John Kasich – 143

By the way the above results can change in the coming days.

What is Fascism?

At this point it is important to define the word fascism. Fascism etymologically means a bundle of rods (twisting the rods together was the symbolic way that fascism conveyed its message).

Historians have made a few points on the nature of fascism (read the wikipedia page on fascism),

  1. negation of anti-liberalism, anti-communism and anti-conservatism
  2. nationalist authoritarian goals of regulated economy
  3. political aesthetic such as romantic symbolism, mass mobilisation, positive view of violence, promotion of masculinity, youth and charismatic leadership.
  4. populist ultranationalism
  5. rebirth myth
  6. myth of decadence
  7. promotes radical politics in order to bring an end to decadence
  8. not restrained by ethics or laws
  9. obsessive preoccupation with humiliation, victimhood and community decline
  10. racism

Placing these points we can make a very good case that both parties are fascist to a large extent. I will not go point by point on each point to make the case since it is obvious. However fascism does not come over night, it always comes as a result of a populist movement that talks about getting things done and they also hint that they will do the things they promise and they give the people the feeling, by the way every candidate has been doing this since a long time. However the USA has slowly been turning into an authoritarian state, where each president has done its part. Theodore Roosevelt was the president that turned the office of the executive into an imperial presidency, he is where executive order mania started for all the presidents that were to come after him.

So while we fear a certain fascist might come and take power, the media has remained complicit and infact helped the state become the autoritarian state that it has become. Think about it for a minute. Assume that an evil individual sits in the White House, what will stop them from making evil decisions and what mechanism are there in place to stop the will of the president to come to reality? Think back how many times has the president been stopped. Fascism isn’t coming, fascism is already here its only getting the crown that it has been waiting for.

“It is of course true that one can walk down the street, the individual can go into his workshop and he can go out again: here and there he can go to a meeting. In a word, the individual has liberties. But in general, if he is wise, he will keep his mouth shut. For if in former times extraordinary care was taken that no one should let slip anything which could be treated as lèse-majesté, now a man must take much greater care that he doesn’t say anything which might represent an insult to the majesty of a member of Parliament.” Adolph Hitler Speech on April 12, 1922.
The worlds worst tyrant always use the language of everyday people and tyranny is only a small fraction of their thinking.

Ignorance is Bliss?

Does ignoring a problem cause the problem to disappear?

In today’s news media of confused priorities where a war with Russia gets the same attention as Miley Cyrus dancing provocatively it seems that the news media or Pravda (according to Thomas E Woods Jr) the news media has moved from a watch dog into a lap dog of the state and I would say it has evolved into a lap dancer for the state. 

The lies the media tells have become so bold and so blatant in recent years and the people are living their life as usual is puzzling. Where is the media ethic code? Where is the journalists code of ethics? When selling war based on lies is not challenged but accepted and then it is propagated at full volume by the war machine. 

The Ukraine crisis is a perfect example of the failure of the Pravda. The State Department provoked the Ukrainian coup. Then the media ignored and then lied tooth and nail that the Russians are provoking the Ukrainians. As if that was not enough following the Crimean peninsula voted to join the Russian federation and all of a sudden Putin is the new hurler never mind the Ukrainian govt supported by the State Department was in alliance with the Neo-Nazi of Ukraine and ignoring the crimes committed by them. 

Of course Mr Four-Horsemen-in-One ie John McCain was given all the time he could spare to talk about the pretend Nazi and how he would fight Putin the Nazi by giving the weapons to actual Nazis and don’t even get me started on Syria. 

To make matters worse it turned out that Mr Poroshenko had installed his cronies all over Ukraine in various positions of power who turn out to have private armies ready to take control when ever they wish. So you have a country turning into a  real life Game of Thrones. 

While Minsk-2 agreement holds barely the Ukrainians are already preparing the civil war

Stay tuned for the coming weeks of news how Putin is going to lead the army into Kiev personally while in reality he would be bathing in the Kremlin.