Fabrication of Islam

Reading the book What the Koran Really Says by Ibn Warraq is amazing. In this book he has taught me many new ideas about Islam that I had not known up until now. But for me what grabbed my attention was the short line in the beginning part of the book as written below

… the traditional historical framework fabricated by Muslim tradition.

So what proof or evidence does he provide?

  1. The exile myth
  2. Pre-Islamic Arabian Poetry was a fabrication by later day Muslims to give outside credence to Koran according to Taha Husayn
  3. 23 years by Ali Dashti
  4. Koran Surah 6, verse 96 contains a non-Arabic word Husban which is originally a Hebrew word
  5. Islam was the result of disputes amongst monotheist in the region of Palestine, Syria and Iraq according to Hawting
  6. Taking oath of Mecca and the Cross as in the case of ‘Adi bin Zayd during 600 CE
  7. Meccans were trinitarian Christian according to Lulling
  8. Quraysh means shark according to Cook

There is much more in the book about various other things about Islam, Muhammad and Koran but the above points were the ones that got my attention. Although I have not done justice to the book since it mentions a lot of others that someone else might find interesting and might have been more profound in its implication.


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