Welcome Back Fascism

US election result

Democrat results so far

  1. Hillary Clinton – 1712
  2. Bernie Sanders – 1011

Republican results so far

  1. Donal Trump – 736
  2. Ted Cruz – 463
  3. John Kasich – 143

By the way the above results can change in the coming days.

What is Fascism?

At this point it is important to define the word fascism. Fascism etymologically means a bundle of rods (twisting the rods together was the symbolic way that fascism conveyed its message).

Historians have made a few points on the nature of fascism (read the wikipedia page on fascism),

  1. negation of anti-liberalism, anti-communism and anti-conservatism
  2. nationalist authoritarian goals of regulated economy
  3. political aesthetic such as romantic symbolism, mass mobilisation, positive view of violence, promotion of masculinity, youth and charismatic leadership.
  4. populist ultranationalism
  5. rebirth myth
  6. myth of decadence
  7. promotes radical politics in order to bring an end to decadence
  8. not restrained by ethics or laws
  9. obsessive preoccupation with humiliation, victimhood and community decline
  10. racism

Placing these points we can make a very good case that both parties are fascist to a large extent. I will not go point by point on each point to make the case since it is obvious. However fascism does not come over night, it always comes as a result of a populist movement that talks about getting things done and they also hint that they will do the things they promise and they give the people the feeling, by the way every candidate has been doing this since a long time. However the USA has slowly been turning into an authoritarian state, where each president has done its part. Theodore Roosevelt was the president that turned the office of the executive into an imperial presidency, he is where executive order mania started for all the presidents that were to come after him.

So while we fear a certain fascist might come and take power, the media has remained complicit and infact helped the state become the autoritarian state that it has become. Think about it for a minute. Assume that an evil individual sits in the White House, what will stop them from making evil decisions and what mechanism are there in place to stop the will of the president to come to reality? Think back how many times has the president been stopped. Fascism isn’t coming, fascism is already here its only getting the crown that it has been waiting for.

“It is of course true that one can walk down the street, the individual can go into his workshop and he can go out again: here and there he can go to a meeting. In a word, the individual has liberties. But in general, if he is wise, he will keep his mouth shut. For if in former times extraordinary care was taken that no one should let slip anything which could be treated as lèse-majesté, now a man must take much greater care that he doesn’t say anything which might represent an insult to the majesty of a member of Parliament.” Adolph Hitler Speech on April 12, 1922.
The worlds worst tyrant always use the language of everyday people and tyranny is only a small fraction of their thinking.

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