Ignorance is Bliss?

Does ignoring a problem cause the problem to disappear?

In today’s news media of confused priorities where a war with Russia gets the same attention as Miley Cyrus dancing provocatively it seems that the news media or Pravda (according to Thomas E Woods Jr) the news media has moved from a watch dog into a lap dog of the state and I would say it has evolved into a lap dancer for the state. 

The lies the media tells have become so bold and so blatant in recent years and the people are living their life as usual is puzzling. Where is the media ethic code? Where is the journalists code of ethics? When selling war based on lies is not challenged but accepted and then it is propagated at full volume by the war machine. 

The Ukraine crisis is a perfect example of the failure of the Pravda. The State Department provoked the Ukrainian coup. Then the media ignored and then lied tooth and nail that the Russians are provoking the Ukrainians. As if that was not enough following the Crimean peninsula voted to join the Russian federation and all of a sudden Putin is the new hurler never mind the Ukrainian govt supported by the State Department was in alliance with the Neo-Nazi of Ukraine and ignoring the crimes committed by them. 

Of course Mr Four-Horsemen-in-One ie John McCain was given all the time he could spare to talk about the pretend Nazi and how he would fight Putin the Nazi by giving the weapons to actual Nazis and don’t even get me started on Syria. 

To make matters worse it turned out that Mr Poroshenko had installed his cronies all over Ukraine in various positions of power who turn out to have private armies ready to take control when ever they wish. So you have a country turning into a  real life Game of Thrones. 

While Minsk-2 agreement holds barely the Ukrainians are already preparing the civil war

Stay tuned for the coming weeks of news how Putin is going to lead the army into Kiev personally while in reality he would be bathing in the Kremlin.