Arab Spring

The result of a single man in Tunisia setting himself in fire. This was not the first time such an incident occurred and there were many that followed it but the Tunisian man got the media attention and the whole middle east changed after him.

Moving onto the big picture the result could be broadly put as three main categories

  1. Successful government overthrow (Tunisia, Egypt and Libya)
  2. Failed government overthrow or nit yet successful (Yemen, Bahrain and Syria)
  3. Government reforming and/or preparing for future consequences (Saudia Arabia, Iran, Kuwait and Qatar and few others in the periphery)

Each category with its country is a unique story all due to its unique political and government institutional history.


The government changed and more or less a smooth transition has occurred but they still have a long way ahead of them and judging from how the people have moved I assume that Tunisians are on the road to a stronger democracy and hopefully a free(er) market.(fingers crossed) all that with out any American intervention


The government did change but the result was a total swing from a dictatorship that was pro-Israel to a democratic government that is anti-Israel and also against some basic liberty let alone democracy. However Egypt has swung back to autocracy but rest assured it won’t be for long as the people will revolt if the army repeats the mistakes of Mubarak which it is committing as I type.


Every¬†interventionist’s (sorry) humanitarians wet dream turned nightmare (like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and so many more countries that I could write about however for the military-industrial complex all over the globe this is a wet dream that just turned into an exponential feedback loop)

Bahrain & Yemen

With respect to these countries Saudi Arabia has supplied the Bahrain’s govt with troops while in Yemen’s case they have got their troops ready to defend Saudi Arabia although intervening into the country is quiet


Assad would have gone out of power and there would have been a similar sort of situation as in Egypt but American intervention turned turned it into a complete mess that has created new monster mutated with new powers at their disposal (Humvees, anti-aircraft missiles and now actual jets) namely the ISIS/ISIL monster

The rest of the middle east governments are now all preparing to “defend” the state (lets be clear the government are only weaponizing their armies and police to torture any real or phony dissent more vigorously then before) Saudi Arabia and Iran are ones with the most active interventionist policy and following it as well.