Innocent Muslim

What the movie “Innocence of Muslims” would have shown had it continued for another 15 mins.

Abu Bakr bin Abi Quhafa the first Caliph’s

  1. Taking over the Caliphate by the help of Umar bin alKhattab and Abi Ubaidah bin Jarrah at Saqifa (Ref. alFaruq by Shibli Naumani, volume 1; History of Tabari, volume 9)
  2. Refusing Fatimah bint Muhammad her inheritance of Fadak (Ref. Sahih Bukhari, volume 4, book 53, #325; Sahih Muslim, Book of Jihad; Sunan Abu Dawood, book 19, #2967;Sunan Nisai, volume 7; Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal, volume 1; Kanz alUmmal, volume 3)
  3. Promoting Khalid bin alWaleed after he killed Malik and raped his wife the very night (alMusanaf, volume 10, #18721; Tarikh ibn Asakir, volume 16)

Umar bin alKhattab

  1. Burning down the house of Fatimah bint Muhammad along with the death of her unborn child just so to extract the allegiance of his husband Ali (alFaruq by Shibli Naumani, volume 1, page 92; History of Tabari, volume 9; Tauhja Ithna Ashri by Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlavi, page 292; Imama wal Siyasa by ibn Qutaybah, pages 18-30)
  2. A dictator with a whip in his hand whipped Muslims, Jews, Christians and even enterd Aisha bin Abi Bakr’s house despite being refused entry (History of Tabari, volume 9, page 80, volume 11, page 137, volume 13, page 138, volume 14 page 139; Muwatta by Malik, book 36, chapter 1, #2)

Uthman bin Affan’s Murder

  1. Aisha bint Abi Bakr (Sharh Nahjul Balagha Ibn al Hadeed Volume 2 page 122; al-Imama wa al-Siyasa, Volume 1 page 52; History of Tabari, Volume 15, page 289)
  2. Talha (Tabaqat ibn Sa’ad, Volume 5, Page 38; Mustadrak alHakim, volume 3, #5589)
  3. Zubayr bin Awwan (Iqd al Fareed, Volume 2 page 95; History of Tabari, volume 16, page 115)
  4. Abdul Rehman bin Udays (Asad alGhaba by ibn Athir, volume 3, page 309; Tabaqat alKubra by ibn Sa’ad, volume 7, page 509)
  5. Amr bin alHamiq (Taqreeb alTahdeeb by ibn Hajar Asqalani, page 420, #5017; Tabaqat Ibn Saad, Volume 3 page 71)
  6. Amr bin Badil al-Khazai (alIstiab by ibn Hajr Asqalani, volume 4 page 606, #5781)
  7. Jabalah bin ‘Amr al-Said (History of Tabari, volume 15, page 182)
  8. Sa’d bin Abi Waqas (History of Tabari, volume 15, page 197)
  9. Jahjha bin Saeed Al-Ghaffari (alMusanaf by Ibn Abi Shayba, Volume 7 page 48)
  10. Muhammad bin Abi Hudayfa (Siar alam alNubala by Dhahabi, Volume 3 page 479; Al-Istiab by ibn Hajr Asqalani, volume 3 page 1396)
  11. Kuraib bin Abraha (Al-Thuqat by ibn Habban, Volume 3 page 357; Tarikh Dimashq by ibn Asakir, Volume 50 page 112)
  12. Amro bin al-Aas (Asad alGhaba by ibn Athir, volume 4 page 117; alKamil fi atTarikh by ibn Athir, volume 3 page 16)
  13. Jundab bin Ka’ab alAzadi (Mukhtasir Seerat ul Rasool by Muhammad ibn Wahhab, page 226)

All of the above were the companions of Mohammad who killed the Caliph Uthman.

All of this are recorded in history books as provided above about the Golden Age of Khulfa Rashidun, something that the ISIS, alQaeda, Taliban and any other terrorists and all those Muslims who want to implement shariah want.

A dictator with a whip in his hand who will kill men, women, unborn children if necessary and in fact the caliph himself if the desire to become caliph himself arise.

History of Islam is full of murders, wars and war crimes just to stay in power.


Korean Peninsula

You are only defeated if you accept defeat.

I have watched the N Korean put up with S Korea and America for decades. N Korean govt has done everything a mad dictators do their country, silencing critics, kill any and every traitor. Yet it has continued to survive for all this time and it has less to do with the support from China, which there is, but rather the America’s failed policy based on wishful thinking rather than actual ground realities when they intervened.

N Korea started as a child of the Soviets rather then Chinese. Chinese govt tried all it could to avoid war in its neighbour but their efforts failed because of American fear of socialism spreading. Yet socialism is bankrupt something Ludwig von Mises predicted in his book Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth initially published in 1920 predicting why socialist states will collapse.

Currently the best thing the world can do for N Korea is to push N Korea to become more capitalist and more freedom oriented and allow the local Koreans to move forward, but there is a small chance that will happen as politicians spend all the time worrying about their fragile ego rather than the poor guy dying the price to make him a legacy.

War and Trade

There are numerous examples where free trade between states has not prevented the war but rather escalated the war, examples that come to mind are World War I and the current Sino-Japanese conflict.
I believe the axiom if people don’t cross borders then army will is still correct but when trade is done under the “beneficial” eyes of the bureaucrats is not the kind of free trade that has quotas for countries and a policy of import=export, both of which is total bs.
Total freedom without any barriers is the kind of trade that makes war with other countries less likely.
I think that Sino-Japanese war will be determined by whether  politicians from both sides can see past their noses and as a result both countries (and infact all countries reduce or eliminate barriers)

Just my two cents

Baby Black Swan & the White Elephant

Baby Black Swan (the extension of the idea Black Swan by Nassem Talibi) is my idea of a likely event that can quickly develop to a Black Swan

Currently we have a lot of these Baby Black Swan

– The Chinese-Japanese Tension

– N. Korea- S Korea Tension

– ISIS Tension

– Arab Spring continuing to Arab Monarchies

– Ukraine crisis

– Ebola

The White Elephant

– Western govt beholden to their central bank and financial institution cartel

– People succumbing to state and media propaganda

I will write more on each of the top points later.

But any of these events can escalate and create a global financial crisis and then to an outright war.

Get Rid of Bad Habits

– Identify the bad habit

– Identify the last few instances in the recent past (one instance will do also)

– Analyse the event from the start to last (from the moment you first thought to the moment you were fully satisfied)

– List the physical, emotional and/or any logical pleasures

– Read or listen to experts on the habit

– Re-evaluate why the habit is bad

– Internalize the reasoning and experience to the self and watch as you get the power to be able to choose rather then be a slave.