Martyrs of Gaza vs Karbala

In the book Did Muhammad Exist by Robert Spencer there is a graffito found in Karbala dating 64 AH or ~683 AD invoking the name of Allah Gabriel Michael and Israfil the Angels but conspicuously the name Muhammad is missing and any other trace of Islam despite the fact that the battle of Karbala happened in 61 AH or ~680 AD where the Muslims (in particular Shias) write that Hussain grandson of Muhammad was martyred along with his 72 companions (although some say the martyrs list is close to ~130). The battle took place between the small band of Hussain’s army and the Caliph Yazeed which numbered in thousands. The only reason why the graffito does not mention Muhammad is because this battle did not happen.
Now what does that have to do with the martyrs of Gaza. Well it just so happens that this region of Middle East was full of Christian martyrs story beginning with the 60 martyrs of Gaza that happened in the 632 AD Seeing Islam As Others Saw It by Robert G. Hoyland. And from this point onwards there are more such martyrs stories told by latter generations.
What’s common in the two events is that the writers of both events wrote them +200 years after the event took place making the case that Christians used to narrate martyrs tale to the Christians as a propaganda tool which the Muslims copied from the Christians and made a Muslim martyr’s tale as a propaganda for the Muslims.
I am surprised no one has seen this connection and hope some one writes about how Muslims took from Jews and Christians and even co-opted their tradition and local history


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